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Progressivism Comes to America

Frank Johnson Goodnow, Ira Remsen

In the late 1800's, American students seeking advanced degrees attended German universities. Many among them succumbed to The German State Theory, which held that governments progress over time: hence the term 'progressive'. America was new and Germany was mature, and progressives deemed Germany to be eons ahead of America and our constitution. Goodnow and Remsen are representative of many who returned to America to become progressive educators in our institutions.

. . . while Germany continued to "progress"

Hitler It is understandable why those American students would believe their professors; after all, they went to Germany for more education. However, this new theory was just that - an untested theory. It hadn't been subjected to the scientific method, nor to any other validation technique. Little did they dream that within 25 years, there would be war between the US, led by a progressive president, and Germany, and 20 years after that could come the Third Reich.

Today's progressives do not have that excuse.

Progressivism continues to dominate in our higher education, and most public school teachers were taught by progressive professors.