US Constitution Project, Inc.

Our goal:
Inform every American of the threat of progressivism to our Constitution and sovereignty.



Our IRS form 990 for calendar year 2016 has been submitted. Click here for a PDF copy. To see all the associated schedules, open the file with Acrobat and click on the paper-clip symbol in the left margin.

As of December 31, 2016, Norris Goff and his wife have donated $4,249, loaned $5,651.68 and guarantee a balance of $3,882.24 debt. Other donations total $933.40. Norris Goff and Dr. Will Morrisey are contributing their time without compensation.

The proceeds from donations paid the consulting fees for establishing the 501c3, legal fees to register the trademark The Hijacking of America, loan servicing, office supplies and Internet services.

Use of Funds

We need to hire a CEO. Based on guidelines for a non-profit of our anticipated size, the salary will be in the neighborhood of $60,000.

We must recruit people who believe in our cause and will commit to help create the documentary seriesThe Hijacking of America and make it a success. Their commitment may be on a voluntary basis or for pay. Qualified scholars, including Dr. Morrisey, are being identified to draft scripts for various segments of the documentary. Other required resources include:

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