US Constitution Project, Inc.

Our goal:
Inform every American of the threat of progressivism to our Constitution and sovereignty.



About the Company and its People


US Constitution Project, Inc. a nonprofit Virginia corporation, was chartered on May 13, 2014 and received 501(c)(3) approval on July 31. The directors and officers are Norris S. Goff of Linden, VA, director, President and Treasurer; Bill Sage of Allegan, Michigan, director and Vice President; and Dolores Stottlemeyer of Winchester, Virginia, director and Secretary.

Having no prior experience with nonprofit organizations, we engaged BizCentral USA ( to produce the IRS application. We were pleased with their work, initially because they fairly represented our objectives (which are stated at the top of the home page) and secondly because IRS approved the application in less than two months.

Progress Our initial plans, including the IRS application, did not mention the documentary The Hijacking of America®, which is now a registered trademark. Our home page details the events that led to current plans.

Norris S. Goff, Founder & President

Since 2002, Norris with his wife Nancy and their children have owned University Learning Institute, Ltd. (ULI, see, a training firm that prepares Project Managers to pass the Project Management Professional certification examination. ULI conducted training throughout the US Government following new OMB certification requirements. Under a partnership agreement, Norris served as an adjunct professor at Virginia Tech for a dozen years, commencing in 2001. TheCourse for Project Management is licensed to several dozen universities and colleges across the US.  Norris resigned as CEO in the spring of 2014 to serve full-time as President of US Constitution Project, Inc. Mrs. Goff continues to serve as President of ULI.

Norris' first employer was the FBI, who hired him during his senior year of high school. He has been an entrepreneur since 1982. He took US LAN Systems Corporation public on NASDAQ in 1993.

If you decide to Google Norris, look for Norris S. Goff. Omit the 'S', and you will be inundated with memorabilia about Lum & Abner, an ancient radio show one of whose stars was Norris Goff - no relation.

Personal Norris has a BS degree in Data Processing Management and an MBA from Southeastern University. He is an instrument-rated private pilot and holds an advanced martial arts black belt.

Published Works: include Automation of Off-Track Betting in Datamation, March 1973; The Case for Benchmarking in Computers and Automation, May 1973 (Subsequently incorporated in course material by US Air Force); The Evolution of Terminals for Off-Track Betting Systems in Telecommunications International, April 1974; Standard Benchmarks: Prototype here? in Computerworld, July 24, 1974; Development Project Costs in Journal of Systems Management, September 1974 (Cited as one of the "great" JSM articles of 1974); Department of Agriculture Terminal Network in Journal of Systems Management, August 1975; Interactive System Dialog in Telecommunications International, November 1975; Guidelines for Benchmarking ADP Systems in the Competitive Procurement Environment, published December 15, 1975 by the National Bureau of Standards as a Standard for procurement of computers, applicable throughout the US Government; Standard Benchmarks Aid in Competitive System Selection, with Robert Head in Journal of Systems Management, January 1979; and Adam Smith and the Software Industry in The Data Administration Newsletter, October 2001. He was an op-ed writer for the Culpeper Star-Exponent while living in that community.

Professional Associations: Formerly a member of the advisory Board of the World Wide Web Consortium, Microsoft's Corporate Industry Review Committee, IEEE Computer Society, Association for Computer Machinery and American Management Association, he is now retired from these professional activities to devote full time to US Constitution Project, Inc.

Will Morrisey, Ph.D., History Consultant

Will Morrisey is the William and Patricia LaMothe Chair in the U.S. Constitution and Professor of Politics at Hillsdale College, where he has taught since 2000. He teaches courses in American politics, political philosophy, and comparative politics.

Dr. Morrisey is the author of eight books on statesmanship and political philosophy including Self-Government, The American Theme: Presidents of the Founding and Civil War; The Dilemma of Progressivism: How Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson Reshaped the American Regime of Self-Government; Regime Change: What It Is, Why It Matters; Culture in the Commercial Republic; and Reflections on DeGaulle. He is currently working on a study of the geopolitical strategies of Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle. He has written for the New York Times, Washington Times, the American Political Science Review, the Claremont Review of Politics, and Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, of which he has served as an editor since 1979. He received his B.A., summa cum laude, from Kenyon College, and his Ph.D. in political science at the New School University.

Dr. Morrisey is our primary resource for understanding the introduction of progressivism into America and its subsequent influence on education, government and the press.

Bill Sage, Vice President

Bill is the CEO and Co-owner with his wife Laura of Made In Michigan LLC, a sales organization.

Bill is also County Commissioner, 9th District Allegan County Michigan and a member of the Allegan Community Mental Health Board.

Bill was a founder and leader of Constituting Michigan, an organization that promotes teaching the US Constitution in Michigan’s public schools. He and his team wrote and promoted legislation to that effect, which was approved by the state senate in 2012. The materials produced by Bill and his team will be available to our Ambassadors.

Dolores Stottlemyer, Secretary

Dolores is a busy patriot and resident of Winchester, Virginia. At a time when the Company was even newer than it is today, and we required an additional director to meet IRS requirements, Dolores agreed to fill the vacancy. She was subsequently elected to serve as corporate Secretary.

Kevin Hicks, Producer

A Cornell graduate, Kevin is owner of Hark Productions and is an accomplished Video Producer, Film Director and Screenwriter. His work has covered television commercials, music videos, DVD programs, corporate industrials and long-form videos for both commercial and not-for-profit organizations. Kevin has made multiple presentions at the National Association of Broadcasters.

US Constitution Project's Request for Proposals to produce the Introductory Video stated that the winner needed to share our views and objective. Kevin met that requirement, and is a potential resource for production of The Hijacking of America.